Anna Santaguida

Illustrator & Designer

Sweet, Sweet Leather Jacket.

Anna Santaguida5 Comments

Strolling through century 21 the other day something caught my eye. Like really caught it. Like "head spun 700 mph I almost broke my neck" caught my eye. (cue the heavenly music and sun beams and sparkles flying out of the ground) There she was....the raddest, baddest Acne leather jacket I've ever seen. A cross between Micheal Jackson and Jax jacket form.


Cue the rain clouds, thunder, lightening, etc.....this puppy was $600....on sale. CUTE HUH? So. I thought to myself....." If I can't have it...I guess i'll just draw it." (After shedding a little baby tear and pouting for the next 17 hours.) Because that's so much cooler than clearing my bank account. So here I am....doodling my broke(girl)n heart away.

Happy Thursday.