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October Calendar for GW

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(Happy) October calendar for Gypsy Warrior!

Well this was an easy assignment seeing that i'm utterly obsessed with October. Print away, fall fanatics!

Why do I love fall? Well that's a loaded question. It's an endless list!

And come on…..There isn't a pumpkin flavored something I didn't like.
I don't know what it is about fall that makes me the happiest person in the entire world. Maybe it's the way I was brought up. Come to think of it, my love for fall definitely comes from my childhood. Summer days were long gone and the chilly nights had crept in slowly. My tan was fading and it was back to school I went. And my mom…sigh…she was the queen of fall if I've ever met one. My mom couldn't wait to bake her first apple pie, pumpkin pie, apple fritter..which made the house smell like an autumn wonderland. The walls were decked out from top to bottom the second late September hit. My summer ice cream bed sheets were changed to little apple and pumpkin checkered bed sheets.  My favorite was the pumpkin shaped candy jar that was filled to the brim with candy corn and reeses. Oh that candy jarWhen that jar was out, it was fall.
The smell of fall? Now that's absolutely blissful to me. I used to lay in the front yard of my house growing up..on top of all the crunchy leaves. I would lay there and take a deep, long breath of fresh autumn air..usually humming some spice girls song. I could lay there for hours just looking up at the changing leaves. Thinking of how I could draw them or paint them when I went inside…obviously instead of doing my homework.
Lately the mornings are chilly, but not too cold that you can't get out of bed….well sorta. Just chilly enough to make you excited about that new fall coat you snagged. That you've been dying to wear and dying for it to be chilly enough. There's so many things to be excited about during fall. Apple picking, pumpkin picking, big sweaters, my boyfriends flannel, chunky boots, my leather jacket and all the apple-pumpkin-cinnamon-marsh mellow things I can get my grubby little hands on.